Monday, 7 December 2009

Dolores Ibárruri Gómez, La Pasionaria

She was born in 1895 in Gallarta, Vizcaya. She was a politician in the Second Spanish Republic and she fought in the Civil War. She fought for a free country, she fought against Franco and she fought to show everyone that women are free to decide their future. She took part in a hunger strike in 1917. She took part in the foundation of the Spanish Comunist Party in 1921.
In 1931 she came to Madrid to work in the Mundo Obrero newspaper. In 1933 she became president of the Anti fascist Women Union.
La Pasionaria was in prison lots of times, because of her speeches and her participation on lots of comunist protests. She died in Madrid in 1989.
Some of her famous quotes form part of an imaginary set of human ideas of freedom and hope. She has been the inspiration for lots of poets and singers like Pablo Neruda, Rafael Alberti or Ana Belén.
My opinion:
I agree with her because she was one of the first women who entered in politics during the Spanish Republic and then during the Spanish Civil War she participated in the Republic party. She also fought for her ideas going to hunger strikes, talking on the radio giving her opinion, participating on lots of protests etc. All that shows that she was a very brave woman because she wasn’t scare about what can happen to her by doing all that things, and she never resigned to her dreams and ideas.

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