Tuesday, 4 May 2010

El Ultimo Trabajo Del Señor Luna

My favourite book is '' El Ultimo Trabajo Del Señor Luna'' by César Mallorquí

This book,is a book of adventures,it is about a professional assassin,that it is contracted by Coronado,a drug-trafficker to assessinate Flor Hunaco,a woman,that still Coronado's money,after the death of her husband .Luna pursue Flor Hunaco untill Madrid,at the end of the book Luna doesn't assassin Flor Hunaco,and they escape.

I recommend this book for teenagers between 12-15 years old


celia pastor said...

By chance, I have read this book and I liked it a lot. You have made a very good election. Well done.

juan said...

I read this book and i'd like too.