Tuesday, 11 May 2010


London is the capital of Eangland,is situated in the south of the United Kingdom in the banks of river Tamesis.Was fundated by the Romans during the year 43 with the name of Londinium, with the time it change it name into London. The people in London is very varied, it also have people people of differents cultures, religions, etc. The populatin is about 12 or 14 millions of inhabitants; they speak english is their native lenguage .River Tamesis divided London in two parts. It has a temperate marine climate in this city rains most of the days and this city dont have low or high temperatures.


You can see the Buckingham Palace, the Big Beng, the Tower of London, the Hyde Park, London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral .


You can see a Chelsea match , you can go to Opera House , eat and visit Chinatown ,the shop Hamleys, go shopping to Harrods, visit the Natural Science museum or the British museum, the Notinhill, etc..

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