Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar. It has a population of 1.403.449 inhabitants and it's the major city of the country. The city is placed in the center of Madagascar to approximately 145km from the oriental coast. The city was founded about the year 1625. in the year 1710 the king of the city divided it in four parts that him will give one of them to his sons after her death.

The walk Andohalo's neighborhood take to Rova;where you can see a set palaces, Tsimbazaza's
zoological garden;to begin in the flora and fauna. Also you have to see the Ethnological museum
and the Paleontological museum. Imerina's hills is agood beginnig to visit the island.

In Antananarivo we can do differents things, one of them is to go to his historical center, and to enjoy his colonial architecture. In the low part of city we can visit Lastelle's stairs, a stairs of stone that rises for Ambatonakanga's rock.
The most popular sport in the city is the football. The city has some football teams that played in the THB Champions League but the most importants are the AS Adema, the FC BVF, the BTM
Antananarivo, the Dinamo Fima, the DSA Antananarivo, COSFAP, the SOE Antananarivo, the USCA Foot, the USJF Ravinala, the US Fonctionnaires and the Ajesaia.

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