Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Love Me Do

`Love me do´ is the first single of the Beatles, at Abbey Road in September 1962. It was one of Paul´s songs. Fans wrote to radio stations, asking them to play the record. By December 1962, the song was quite succesful at number seventeen most popular single that week.

The Beatles have to choose a new song for the important second record. George Martin didn´t like any of John and Paul´s songs, so he choose a new song, but, the band said no.
Finally, George Martin agreed with the band toto record one of John´s songs, `Please Please Me´.

`Love me do´is my favourite Beatle´s song because is one of the first Beatle´s song that I heard. Is short, simple and is easy to translate, because I like to know what I heard. Have march and rhyme.

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