Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Rissotto of chicken and mushrooms


150 gr of rice
4 times the volume of the rice in stock of chicken
1 breast of chicken, and it minced in pieces
4 big mushrooms
1 minced parsley
1 cut up spring onion
1 clove of garlic
A little bit of butter

Steps To Do The Recipe:
1.In a saucepan you have to put the butter and when the butter is melt
you have to add the spring onion and the garlic.Then add the breast
of chicken and the mushrooms and then the rice, start adding the stock
very hot.
2.You must continue adding stock when you need. When you have added
all the stock, look for the rice to see if is doughy and humid. If necessary,
you should add more stock.

3.Splash the rice with the parsley and you should decorate it with a
branch of thyme. And it’s finished.


nerea said...

Mmm That is great!
congratulate of your recipe!
I love this! i think is complicate to do,is complicate? one day you invite my to coock together! =)bye!

Andrés said...

hello, that is great!!! is typical spanish.

Andrés said...
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