Wednesday, 17 March 2010



In 1965 The Beatles public a disc with the name of Help. Inside the disc including a series of songs and one of them have the same name than the album called HELP! This songs was composed by John Lennon the 6 of august of 1965.

This songs share album with songs like:

-Another Girl.

-Ticket to Ride.

-I Need You.


-Its Only Love

John Lennon writed the letter of the songs to expresed his stress propper to the fast exist of the group The Beatles in the firsts years of the long career of the group.The rest of the band surprised when they hear this from John Lennon.

John Lennon said one time that Help! was one of his favourite songs that he composed in the group but he want that the song was recording in a temp more slowly.

This songs was after interpreated by other singer like:U2,BonJovi,Tina Turner,etc... The group The Beatles were compose by:

John Lennon: That was singer and guitarist.

Paul Mc.cartney: That was singuer,bass and choir.

George Harrison: That was guitarist and choir.

Ringo Starr: That was batterist and tambourine.

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