Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Victoria Kent

Victoria kent (1892 - 1987 ) born in Malaga ( Spain ) the 3 of march of 1892 , victoria kent died in New York ( E.E.U.U ) the 25 of september of 1987. He was famous in 1930 defeted before the court supreme of war and navy to Alvaro de Abornoz member of committe revolutionry republican.

Victoria Kent was the first woman in the world in form part of the court of war.

A sentence that Vctoria Kent said was "my quantity is samall but my support was sincere.

Victoria Kent closed 114 centers penitentiary becouse was in very bad conditions. Created the prision for woman of Las Ventas , eliminated the use of fetter in the prisions.

Latter go to paris and was the first secretary of the embassy of Spain in Paris ( France ).

Latter in the II world war colaborated in the escape of the refugies Spanish to America. Victoria Kent dont can go to America and permaneced hide four year from the nazi.

When the war finish Victoria Kent travel to Mexico . In Mexico was mentioned headmaster of the school of cualify to the personal of prisions.

In 1950 Victoria Kent go to New York ( E.E.U.U ) there form part of the section of defense social of United Nations.


I think that Victoria Kent was a importan woman becouse she want more right for all the woman in the world.

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