Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I was in Glasgow

Dear Lucia:
Guess where I am writing from-I arrived to Glasgow six days ago after a few hours in a plane. After, I couldn´t speak with you because my mobile phone had dissapear.

This place´s fantastic because it rains a lot. I think it´s a perfect place for this holidays.

First, I visited the city centre where are the most importants shopping areas. I visited Buchanan shopping centre. I bought clothes and presents . I spent a lot of money. After,I visited museums and I met people. I learned a lot of languages.

Have to finish - I am going to visit more places in Glasgow because I think that it´s beautiful. Moreover, I am going to take pics for after you see.
I´ll see you when I arrive to Spain. I´ll write again from there.
love XX,

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