Thursday, 9 April 2009

End Of Year Trip

Dear teachers of Butarque:

I will sincerely tell you that we chose perfectly our destination; Glasgow is one of the most fascinating cities of Scotland!
Firstly, the day after arriving to the hotel, we decided to visit some shopping streets, and our guide recommend us going to Buckanan Street, in the city centre. There are a lot of shops that aren't in Leganés, so I personally took advantages of it and I bought some presents.

The next day, there were some planned activities: we could go to a football match where The Celtic Football Club played, we could visit the University of Glasgow, or finally we could do an art excursion, which showed us some Mackintosh works ( a Glaswegian architect) and the hunterian museum.

As a conclusion, I must tell that I visited everything due to we had a very long week. Besides we learnt a lot and enjoy our visit, but, don't be jealous; we tried to buy some souvenirs.

We´ll see when we arrive there. Wishes:


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