Tuesday, 27 April 2010


My favourtite book is Montaraces.

Is a history of the 15th century.The montaraces were people that protect the king but their most important obligation were to capture the criminals.
But one day a pirats invaded a city, they killed the king and capture two montaraz's brothers. The father, who is a montaraz, went to rescue them.

In my opinion is a very good book because there are emocionant moments.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Diary Of Ana Frank

This is my favourite book. I recomended because tell about the time when the jews were chased by the nazis during the nazi occupation of the Netherlands. In the diary tell when this girl called Ana Frank and her family have to search a hiding place for the nazis didn't catch them. When they find a hiding place, they try to didn't any noise, for were discovered by the nazis.
The final of this book is very tragic, sad and horrible, too
This book have differents editions and is written in many differents languages.
The diary was very famous in many countries like Israel, United States and The United Kingdom.

Friday, 23 April 2010


This is my favourite book. Its about a girl called Charlotte that die eating gummy bears.She spend all the summers holydays planing how to be a popular girl and how to get Damen and when she dies she becames invisible for everyone except for the sister of the most popular girl in the school , Scarlett, here starts all the history.She became a ghost and she meet new death's friends, she goes to a school for death people were she learns how to use her supernatural abilities. I recomended for people from 10-15.The author of the book is Tonya Hurley.

''Rebeldes'' by Susan E. Hinton.

This is my favourite book, Rebeldes. I recommend it to people of my age: from 13 to 15 more or less, but it can be read by people from all ages! This book takes place in a poor neighbourhood in America. It shows the crashes between two gangs. This book has an unhappy final but it's very good. There is a film you can see too. It has the same name as the book.
My personal opinion of the book is that you can learn a lot of things reading this book and it's very interesting.
If you read it, I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

23rd of April, Book Day

To mark the 23rd of April, International Book Day, we are going to publish our favourite book's recommendations. Think for a while about all the books you have read and decide on which one is your favourite. Is it El Quijote? Is it A tres metros sobre el cielo? Or perhaps Twilight? The book can be written originally in any language, but your recommendation must be written in English. You need to mention the book's title, its author's name and add a picture if possible. Your recommendation must be one hundred words long (title and author not included) and as captivating as possible for everybody to read that book... Include the label "Book Day" on your post and remember to leave it as a draft. All of our recommendations will be published the very 23rd. Enjoy your reading...!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

the damned house

El Otro Día personajes Una familia sí un mudo Una casa Donde la Gente Que Vivia alli Murio El Primer Día a las Doce de la noche la niña murio y Otras Que querian ir una casa, Pero FUE Cerrada Todos y Murieron


There were two girls that they liked the same boy. One day, the boy said to one of the girls that he loved she.He invited to the girl to the cinema, but she thought that if she accepted the other girl was angry. She prefered the friendship to love.

I was so scared

One day I was with my friend Sara in the street when suddenly we heard someone shouting. We started to run trying to find where did the sound came from. We went to the public library where our friends were shouting to frighten us. They are very friendly but I was so scared.

Abandoned house

In a town of Valencia these events occurred as news reached the newpaper.Me someone told me the same village.Five boys met in a lonely old abandonedhouse in the middle of orchard in order to spirituaiism.We prepared everything began and as in every that price one of them the spokesman mde the issue if anyone bothers you here tell us who is and go the vessels indicated two names the owners of the names looked surprised and said goobye to the other three again the people walking it would be later the left the other three with his seance and talked down the road.After about one hundrer meter trodden heard a noise and returned the house collapsong on the three boys who hab been in the seance

Monday, 5 April 2010

Julie's secret garden

Julie was a very shy and dreamer person, she was scared about the outside-world, she only wanted to be at home, in her garden.
She spent hours thinking how beautiful flowers and hummingbirds were. The little baby peas that she grew made her the most happy person in the world.

A strange woman

On day I was walking on the street and I saw a very strange woman, she was behind me and was saying very strange things...when I looked back, she wasn´t there, she had dissapeared, but there was a papaer that said:" I will come back". I was very scared...

Some strange things happen at the beach

Years ago, a girl called Maria went to the beach,
she was having a bath, it was eleven o'clock.
She was having fun but she was tired, when
Maria saw the time it was seven o'clock she
couldn't belive it. she just a bit time but
not eight hours!

David Henry

David Henry was a teacher of biology in Las Vegas. He died of cancer in 1910. He was a very famous person but, he do not died of cancer, his cousin Carla kill him. Now we know that and Carla is in prison. She was condenatedto the perpetue caden.

The old house

Was almost seven in the morning when Luis phoned the inspector Ruiz.
We are four people missing in the small village.All the people had disappeared in the old house .
When two policemen arrived, the fire escaped to the window.

The old Andres shouting "All the people have been burned"


Every year in Easter week I go to El Valle del Jerte and saw the cherry's flowers and in may and june the cherries start to go out and we collect them , cherries normally finish the last weeks of June and are differents types of cherries and of differents sizes.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A talking dog!

One day I was walking in the street when I saw a dog, he was alone.I went back to my housee and I notice that someone was behind my it was the dog,I turned back and he started to talk me.I couldn´t believe it but it was true.


One day, David, a child of 11 years old, went to climb a very high mountain because was a very good time.

When he reach the top, a great storm began, he look that was impossible to go down, so he built a shelter for the night, and he saved.


5 people was playing in a dark room. Only the Ouija in the floor and exactly 4 candles in all the
room. A silence appear in the room, and the candles fade... A grey mantle come out from the dark game... No more was known about the people...