Monday, 26 January 2009

The Butarque News 1

Welcome to The Butarque News. In our first programme we will hear about the Muvies Festival. Then, Fernando Romay has been to our school, and finally, the Holocaust. But first, Muvies Festival,

The 24th of January, the students of 3ºB E.S.O shot a short film to present in a competicion. This film presents the real life, because it's normal that children want to do what their parents do. The idea is about the gender violence from the children's point of view. The shooting was difficult because there was a lot of wind, but the filming team are very happy with the results. And I only want to say to my classmates good luck, because I think you deserve the best.

Ana Escribano López 3ºB


This last two weeks have been really exciting for students who are into sport and for all the high school in general. We couldn´t imagine that Fernando Romay, one of the most important basketball players some years ago, came to visit and play some games with us.
This man is inside a campaign called "Ponle un tapón al botellón", aimed to teach students of E.S.O. the importance of knowing what we are eating or drinking. Some monitors came to our classes to show us for example what happens when we drink a lot of alcohol. Afterwards, Romay came and play basketball doing a championship with pupils from the same class. There were two games: the first consisted in throwing the ball into the basket three times. What we had to do was to try to score the maximun. And the second game was a little match of four or five people in each team. Finally, and what we didn´t know, was that the winners (those with the highest score in both games) had a prize for playing so well and learning through sport. Our class was one of the most awarded and we achieved lots of T-shirts, basket balls, and sport comics.
We enjoyed very much this entertaining visit!!!

Héctor Egido Jiménez 3ºB


The 27th of January, a woman is coming to our high school in order to explain something about the holocaust, an important part of the History. The Holocaust is the genocide of thousands of European Jews during the second World War. This fantastic woman is called Monica, and she's going to tell us her story and, in general, the story of the Jews in Europe. From my point of view, knowing this kind of things is essential in our daily lives, because it will remind us of the mistakes that the Europeans did in the past, and, that way, we'll be able to correct them properly.
The chat will last almost one hour and a half, and, maybe, if we ask her, she could give us some relevant answers to our questions. So, if you're interested in Jews' History and European History, it will be a good opportunity to know something else.

Lourdes Fuentes Domínguez 3ºB

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Charles Chaplin. The genius of silent films.

We Know hin because he use his famuos mustache, his bowler and his cane.
Charles Chaplin was born in London in 1889. In 1928 he won an Oscar for his film The Circus, later received in 1954 International Peace.
Of all his films highlight Limelight, the film more of appreciated madurity.

simon denis rattle

Sir Simon Rattle,born January 19,1955 is an English orchestra the principal director of the Philharmonic Orchestra Berlín Rattle born in Liverpool learning piano and violin, but his early work and participation in the symphony orchestra were as 1999 Rattle was appointed as successor to Claudio Abbado as principal director of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle was educated at the best schools in England and europeos.Born in the year 1627, the son of a noble family, Roberto Boyle was a philosopher, scientist and theologian. One of the early founders and members of the Royal Society, Boyle gave his name to "Boyle's Law" for gases, and also wrote an important work on chemistry.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

Lavoisier was born in Paris in 1743 and he was scientist, and he is the father of modern chemistry. He experimented and studied the phenomen of oxidation, the air, and the breathing animals. After established the law of conservation of mass and he said that: the water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. He died in 1794.